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These pictures are for your reference questions

These pictures may not be completely authentic for show cars

It is hard to see but the truck has a sliding glass rear window

1964 Champ 8E-7. It is a 1964 1/2 T truck with a 289 motor, 3 speed O/D trans with a new clutch assembly and a 4.31 TT rear axle. It has a '64 factory wood and aluminum cab high camper shell. It has A/C, power steering from a '64 Hawk. It has four NOS leaf springs, new king pins, new shocks, air shocks in the rear. It has Turner disc brakes on the front with a dual master cylinder. It has a 8' wide box with a custom rear bumper that was part of the camper package.

It has new tires, factory interior, including the seats. Seat belts have been added.

It has a chrome grille and other minor accessories.

Note the camper shell was a $572.09 option from Studebaker in 1964


The power steering conversion was done using 1963-64 Hawk components. The pictures show how to use the Hawk pitman arm and control valve. The reach rod from the control valve to the steering pivot at the front had to be shortened and bent slightly to fit properly.
The power steering pump and mounts are stock Studebaker parts.
The pictures show the power ram ( the pictures were taken to sell the truck, not the power steering how to ) that is stock Studebaker item.

Mounting the steering ram consists of making a 1/4" steel bracket that mounts under front spring using the four U bolt nuts. Make the plate wide enough to extend to the inside of the truck to have enough material to drill a hole and use a universal shock mount or the Studebaker mount for the steering ram rubber bushed end.
Next use a 3/8" X about 4" steel square plate, using universal joint U bolts with the flattened round section as a pattern, drill six holes in the plate to accommodate three U bolts in a straight line as these will bolt on to the tie rod.. It is nice to counter bore these so the U bolt nuts are recessed. Next is the hardest part, you have to make a TAPERED hole for the tie rod end part of the steering ram to attach to the plate.
Once fitted, collapse the steering ram all the way, extend it all the way, find the center and clamp the 3/8" plate on the tie rod so that the power ram is in the center position and install the other end of the power ram.

I used 1964 Hawk steering hoses as they are the longest available. Check the hose routing for all hoses at full lock both ways. The power hose to the pump can get too close to the exhaust manifold.
Next check the tire clearance from the control valve to tire on full lock left. My truck had Turner disc brakes, stock wheels, but a 1/4" spacer to clear the brake caliper.

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