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Converting 1963 Studebaker Disk Brake Cars including Avanti From Single to Dual Master Cylinder

I use is our part number BRK010 master cylinder. You will need two brass adapters for the Studebaker 3/16" brake line fittings.
(If you are working with a 1962 Lark with out power brakes, use Wagner brand master cylinder #R-71264. You will have to remove the two small sheet metal
screws that hold the inner bracket in place to align the four mounting bolts on the master cylinder. All the other directions apply.)

The two brass fitting adapters are , #7909 and #7911 Weatherhead brand, 258302 and 258350 Edelmann brand, BLF20C and BLF28C AGS brand (AGS available from Autozone). Install the adapters in the master cylinder outlets. One is larger than the other and they can only be installed one way.

Then take the existing brake line that was attached to the old master cylinder and bend it to fit into the master cylinder outlet NEAREST THE FIREWALL / BOOSTER and assemble.

Next you will need five feet of 3/16 brake line. Purchase this with fittings on both ends so you will not have to make any tubing flares. At the brake distribution block locate the steel brake line going to the rear brakes. It will go back to a union beneath the front seat on the frame. Disconnect and remove this line paying attention to the frame mounting clips.

Next, using patience, bend the five foot brake line to go from the front master cylinder outlet to the existing union on the frame. Run it parallel to the existing line down to the brake distribution block and then rearward to the union. When the line is finally bent to fit, install it and don't forget to use the frame mounting clips the old line used to secure it on the frame. You can use a Everco #300B (old part number) which is a 3/16 SAE inverted flare steel or brass brake plug to fit into the opening left at the brake distribution block. A stop light switch will NOT work

I used a mechanical brake light switch from a 1965-83 GM or Ford, General brand #31180 or Borg Warner #S-237, #DR496 at Autozone. Mount on a plate about 3/4" x 2" long and secure with the brake pedal stop bolt. When adjusting the brake light switch don't adjust it too close to the pedal or your freeplay will be lost. To wire the stop light switch, solder extension wires on the existing wires and route through the firewall to the switch. All that is left is to bleed the brakes per the 1962-64 manual.

Chuck Collins

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